Bosco was born in Mexico City and began his musical journey at age 1. His father shared his passion for music by teaching Bosco how to play drums, and he performed on stage for the first time at age 3 in a community chapel. When Bosco turned 4, he began taking piano lessons. It was clear he was a prodigy, and his music teacher provided 2 years of free lessons to support the young talented musician. As a teenager, Bosco performed professionally alongside his father at weddings and high end establishments.

After years of dedication to learning drums and piano, in high school, he chose to focus 100% of his studies on piano. At Music City College in Querétaro Arteaga, Mexico, Bosco refined his classical technique while studying performance, harmony, theory and composition based on curriculum from Berklee College of Music. He studied abroad in New Work City at Hartwick College where he was first exposed to a new style of music: big bands. Then after graduation, he traveled to Havana, Cuba to immerse himself in lain jazz.

A talent recruiter noticed the 21 year old natural talent, and Bosco received the offer of a lifetime to travel the world as the keyboard player in a latin trio with Carnival Cruises. Bosco was then inspired to join the cruise’s showband orchestra because of his love of New York City big band performances.

At age 24, Bosco was promoted to the youngest music director in a fleet of 25 ships. He felt honored to work with teams of talented musicians from around the world. After 5 years as a musical director, a new title was created for him, and he spearheaded the position of Music Supervisor for Carnival Cruises. As the first supervisor, he managed multiple international bands on every ship. He launched a new type of cruise band concept, Rock Band, and designed every element of the show (sets, outfits, setlists, etc.)

Bosco Aguilar now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He continues to perform with elite international musicians while composing music in his home studio. Bosco is passionate about working with musicians from diverse backgrounds and different career levels. His international repertoire along with his experience as a seasoned music director and talented composer make him a valuable asset to musical acts wanting to elevate studio recordings and live performances.